The Hard Work Of Finding The Soul Mate

Clues for finding your soul mate

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All of us, deep in our heart have the hope that there is someone out there who is the ‘right one’ for us, and in recent year that has taken the label of the “soul mate”.

Many expect to find that special one and fall in love at first sight, as it happens sometimes when we recognize someone that we loved in a past life, but you shouldn’t´t be looking for this, most of the times it takes time to become a couple, even with one of your soul mates.

The seek of an unconditional love often leads to real experiences that fall short of our dreams, and that may make you think that you haven’t met “the right person” and that you’ll become finally satisfied when you find it, while you are ignoring him in the real life.

How can you tell if someone that you already know is your soul mate?

Some say that you’ll recognize him with an intense sense of intimacy that will establish an immediate connection between both, but although this is very romantic, and some time happens, at the same time it’s not very realistic.

I’m always surprised when a woman tells me that she wants to have a couple but can’t find it, or says that she doesn’t believe that the soul mates exist, or that there aren’t any soul mates for her.

Obviously if they are alone it’s because they have serious problems to find a couple, or because when they find someone that could be their soul mate, they aren’t able to recognize it.

But the good news is that there are millions of people that live with their soul mate, and that what we know about their lives give us clues to know how they did it, clues that you can use to find YOUR soul mate.

You work endless hours in your office as a way to overcome the bitter sensation that have left in you a bad couple relationship.

Intense working distracts you, and avoids thinking in the bad memories of the past, and at the same time it provides a comfortable living for you. It’s like a detoxing therapy that has being as good as the best therapist

Among all your office pals there is one (divorced) that seems to be using the same therapy. He works restlessly hours and hours to keep out of his mind the painful memories of his disappointing marriage.

You have never dated with him, your relationship is strictly related with you work, and many days find you two working together after hour, each one protected from the other by his work load, although you have a very friendship relationship.

Could he be the couple you are looking for?

You don’t eve ask that to yourself, you are too hurt by your last experience to even consider that kind of things, but yes, there’s a very good chance that he could become it in the future.

When you become a friend, specially if you become a close friend, you have the bases for a romantic relationship, because the friendship is a way of making a close contact with the other sex, without feeling any compromise about it.

You are only his friend, you have no second intentions (unless this is what you and he think), and so you can share things with him feeling comfortable about it, you can even show yourself how you are, while he does the same and you both feel very comfortable with each other.

In what other situation you can relationship with a man and show yourself as you are, without being afraid of rejection, and keep on feeling comfortable after doing it?

You can only do it in two situations: or you are a very close friend of that man, or you are his couple.

So if you can become his close friend, there’s only one step from one state to the other.

And if your couple is not your best and closest friend, then you have a father, a son, a partner to breed children, a provider or anything, but you don’t have a soul mate.

You see a handsome guy that’s shopping and you find that there’s something about him that you like very much, but you don’t know what it is. It may be the way that he looks, the way that he walks or moves, maybe it is his charm or the way that he talks with the cashier. You can´t know why but he attracts you a lot.

You would like to know more about him, and you feel an urge to do it, but you don’t. You just stay where you are, trying that he doesn’t notice that you are watching him, while you think which could be a good excuse to approach him, until finally the shame is stronger than the desire, and you see him walk out of the shopping (and from your life).

What a shame, you might have let get away from your life one of your soul mates!

And why will he be one of your soul mates?

Because intuition is the stronger sense to consider when you are looking for your soul mate.

It’s the answer of your inner self to the inner self of the other, that’s what produces such a strong pull toward other, and not paying attention to it might ruin before it starts a long and happy couple relationship.

Within the confines of your karma, you can create your own reality, you have your free will and have the choice to perceive and respond to your intuition or to lose your opportunities.

Tracking down a soul mate requires patience; do not feel frustrated or hopeless if you do not find him or her in a certain amount of time, and the best advice that I can give you about it is: don’t try to find it, you don’t need to because it will come to you when the time is right!.

And the time becomes right when you learn to look out for the right signs. It is always important to find someone that attracts you, shares your interests and values, makes you feel special and worthy, etc. but the most important sign to look after is:

To feel strongly and suddenly attracted to a person you just met

But finding the right one is only the beginning, once you find it you need to keep it, and that takes work on both parts. Both of you must be decided to be a soul mate for the partner if you expect it to last and grow.

Keep the magic alive and the relationship will grow, and don’t expect it to be perfect because no one is it.

The last point I want to talk about is that the loving soul mate relationships can start on past lives or on this live. A loving bond started on a past life, isn’t supposed to be any more powerful or important than the loving bonds that you can create ON THIS LIFE.

We are always in the process of creating soul mates, you can create a soul mate experience today, and reap it’s benefits on future lives, so if you want to have a great love…

Your spiritual bonds should begin somewhere and sometime, why not here and now?

If you need help to do it, you can use my CD: Pareja Ya! that’s a CD created to help you attract your soul mate.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi
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