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If you are looking for a date, the obvious should be to go to the single’s chat rooms, but DON’T. The single’s chat rooms are flooded with people that are only looking for a date to have sex.

It doesn’t matter what you write or ask for.. In the single’s char rooms you will always end up with people that only has sex in mind. That’s not the place to look for the kind of person that matches your interest and tastes.

Don’t think that because you have started a nice and innocent conversation you found the right one. Almost always in that chat rooms sooner or later the conversation’s topic will move towards the three letters word. And then you will have to bar the messages from that person, or leave that chat room before it starts bad mouthing you in public.

Of course that if you are looking for sex, then that will be the right place. But sex is so easy to get that why don’t look first for the nicest person with whom you can have it?

If you are looking for your soul mate, you will have to work a little harder, and be more patient, and once you find it, it will worth the effort.

So where should you start your search?

Anywhere but a single’s chat room!


What do you consider interesting in a person?

What do you think that that person will find interesting in you?

When someone is looking for a serious relationship finds interesting different things than when it’s looking for a casual relationship, it happens to you and it happens to everyone.

For a casual relationship everybody finds interesting the physical appearance and for a serious relationship you will want to know what the person has been endowed with.

I don’t mean that the physical appearance is not important in serious relationships, they are important but not so much. Compatibility is far more important than them, because beauty don’t last forever and it’s only skin deep!

And the most important point is that once you find a person agreeable (and more yet if you fall in love) you will start liking that person as a whole, even if it doesn’t look like the movie star that you where looking for.

Many people will insist in taking a look at your picture before deciding to meet with you. And you can’t assume that if they want that it’s because they are only interested in a casual relationship, because one thing is what you like and other important thing is what you absolutely dislike, and they might be trying to avoid this.

Always remember that looks are very important, but in a long and serious relationship there are other factor that are more important, like:


A human being is a complex kind of being with multiple interests, but if you search enough you are bound to find the one that shares your same interests, and if you find it, then your search ends there.

And if you want to find someone that shares your interests, the first thing that you need to know is what are your interest.

So, what are your interests?

There sure are a lot of things that you enjoy doing, so you have to start thinking about different things and situations, like

  • sports
  • outdoor activities
  • religious interests
  • hobbies
  • indoor activities
  • readings
  • professional interests
  • etc.

When you have decided what you like, what YOUR interests are, the half of the work is done!

Perhaps the most important point is to decide what interests you in a person.

You need to think very carefully what you like in another person, because having the same interests might not be as important as finding someone that you like even if it has different interest. You can always get along with someone that has different interests, and some time you need to have different interests to get along.

In example if you are a good listener you might like to find someone that talks a lot, but if you are someone that likes to talk a lot, if you find someone that ALSO talks a lot, it might not be a good idea, because you might not be able to have good dialogues.

And on the opposite side, if you both hardly talk, there will hardly be any dialogue as well.

So think that you don’t need to find someone that has the same interests that you have, but someone that’s compatible with the interests that you have. The interests of both of you should complement each other.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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