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Now that you know what you like in other person, is a good idea to make a list of the qualities that you don’t like.

The worst that you can do is to start a relationship with someone who has the kind of qualities that you don’t like, because sooner or later that qualities will show in your relationship.

When you are courting it is good to put up your best behavior, but it is not good to try very hard to adjust to the other person likes. If you are planning a serious relationship that it is going to last for the rest of your life, it should be based on compatibility.

Some think that love can change the offending qualities of their partner, but that’s not true. If you don’t like how it is, stop dreaming to change it. Look for another one that fits better with you.

So make a list of dislikes, and steer clear of those who have those habits. Don’t worry, don’t get anxious, your loved one is out there and if you do the things as you should, you will find him or her.


Once you have decided what your interests are and what kind of person could interest you, you have to find it on the Internet.

If you start advertising yourself as a person who is in search of a serious relationship, sooner or later you’ll end up in the single’s chat room and no one is going to believe what you say, so let’s try with another approach.

As you already know what is it that interests you in a person, why don’t you make a search in Google with those words?

An important thing to remember when you start searching for your special one, is that it’s not difficult to make a choice, and it’s not difficult to fall in love with a stranger, the difficult part is to make the right choice, so you fall in love with the right person.


Don’t start this as a prospective husband/wife hunt, start it with the idea of making some good new friends. Friends with whom you will enjoy and spend good times!

Having friends makes your life richer, so it’s good to have friends, and as your husband/wife should also be your best friend, this is the best start.

If your partner isn’t your best friend, you make a wrong choice. You should look for someone who understands you, someone with whom you can share all your dreams and fears with, someone that can brighten up the dark moments of your life.

And what about sex?

Sex will surely come later, but looks and sex should be the last criteria in the selection of your life partner.

And a marriage proposal?

That will eventually come as a consequence of a good relationship (if that person isn’t married). And if it is married, start your search again, and you might find a better one!

And if that person proposes to you and it isn’t the kind of person that you have in mind, of course that you have the right to turn the proposal down, but do it without harming the other one. Remember that karma exists, and if you hurt someone today, you will be hurt tomorrow. And also remember that if you have followed the right path, that person is a friend of yours, it is someone that you care for. So be nice with that person and maybe you will gain your best friend for the rest of your life.


If you where going to go to a ball room, or a disco, you would try to look your best. With online dating is the same, you need to work on your appearance and your appearance online is the image that you project to the others.

Some say “When I find the person for me, it will have to like me as I am”

I’m not saying that you should makeup yourself in such a way that you become another one, but to be you, you don’t need to scare people off!

You as me, as anyone, have your nice side and the other one, improving your appearance to show the nicest part of yourself is not cheating, it’s only being intelligent.

When it comes to presenting yourself you have some work to do if you want to reach success.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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