10 different ideas for long distance relationship by Johnson Tee

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10 different ideas for long distance relationship by Johnson Tee

“Miles and miles and miles apart, Although so far you’ve touched my heart,Your laugh, your voice, your adoring smile, Seems to shorten every mile.”

Love cannot be measured by distances. The relationship is measured by the depth of emotions. Trust and loyalty are the only wheels of love to eternity.

Long Distances can become a torment, but cannot be a barrier in love. There are lots of things that one can do to keep up the romance in long relationship. So not to worry if you are miles away from your love, just go through the following romantic ideas to keep your relation exciting and intimate:

Surprise gifts: when they are not expending, send you partner flowers, cards and letters occasionally.

Memories: Capture and share that interesting moment of yours by exchanging photos, video clips.

Surprise visits: show them how much you care for your love and that you will do anything for them by planning a surprise visit. Plan the visit even if it for few moments. It will show how much you crave for them.

Journal: a personal journal of your thoughts will help you a lot. Jot down your dreams, how much you missed them that day and at the end of your time together, give it to them to read.

Love notes: leaving notes behind in their packs can be quite a fun and romantic. They will notice them when they reach and start unpacking.
Tape: make a mix of all the songs that remind you of your sweetheart, and then mail them to know your feelings.

Stay in touch: be more interested in hearing about your partner’s day and life, and then you are telling about your own. Tell that you miss them
Sing for them: call your sweetheart and sing for them and let them know how you feel for them.

List: send your mate a list of romantic things and date ideas and have him add his few ideas and send it back. When you are together, complete the list.
Messaging: Surprise them by leaving a romantic message on their phones.
Johnson Tee is a romantic. For more romantic ideas, go to

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10 Common Lies Told by Women by Ovi Dogar

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10 Common Lies Told by Women by Ovi Dogar

Why are some relationships more honest than others? Why are some couples more truthful with each other while others like to deceive the partner? Nobody deserves to be lied, but there are no doubts that women are telling lies considerably and often. But so men do the same.

If you have trust issues in your relationship, in general, a woman may lie to you. Trust is something that you must build from the beginning of the relationship. Even though, a lot of people say ‘‘white lies” in order to make others feel better. Some women lie because, as caring creatures they want to spare the feelings of the man they are dating or seeing.

So, here are some common lies told by women that you should know. Someday you might hear them from your partner and it is better to know their real meaning.

1.You’re perfect. I love you just the way you are and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. Let’s be serious; nobody is perfect. At the beginning of a relationship all of them say this because they didn’t know you very well but after some time will definitely find something that needs changed. So, if she tells you something like this, don’t be too enthusiastic because she finds you perfect just for a couple of days, and after that she will ask you to change.

2.You’re right. Every time you are arguing with you’re girlfriend usually ends up by telling you that you are right? Maybe this makes you feel proud of you, but you have to know that this is a big lie. She said this just to make you shut up, even if she didn’t consider that you’re right. She knows that after a while you will see that she was right, and may be waiting for apologize.

3.Nothing is wrong. The most common lie ” I’m fine” when asked if there is something wrong is the most used by women. You see that she is upset, she is acting strange or doesn’t want to talk to you too much and ask her what is the problem she says that everything is fine. They don’t want to tell the real truth but they are expecting that men to figure out that something is wrong and those they had a mistake with something.

4.I do love sports honey. Maybe she agrees to stay and watch with you every week at a football game but this doesn’t really mean that she like it. She accepts to do this just to show you that she is different from other girls and you have common interest. You may be thinking that you have found the perfect girl for you, because not many of them would like to stay to watch football, but don’t be too happy because after a while she might had enough and get angry every time you sit down to watch a game.

5.I like spending time with your friends. At the beginning this is ok, but not too much. Even if they are good friends of you, she would like to spend more time alone with you and not with your friends. If she didn’t tell you already this, she will ask you to keep visits from your buddies at minimum and then she might keep pretending she loves them.

6.Your family is adorable, so I like spending time with your family. The truth? Maybe twice a month. Think about it. Do you really think that she likes to spend time with your family where everybody is criticizing her and watch her every move? She agrees to spend time with your family when is necessary but she doesn’t do it with much pleasure even if she is pretending in front of you that she likes them.

7.Your bank account doesn’t matter. I hope you didn’t believe this. We all know that this is definitely a lie. All women want a guy that is financial stable and independent, a guy that can assure her a future with no financial problems. This doesn’t mean that you have to be very rich to have a girlfriend, but you have to have some money.

8.It doesn’t bother to me if you look after women or go with your boys at strip-clubs. This is too good to be truth. Even she says that this is ok, she will definitely be upset that you want to go. They hate to feel second best to a night out with the guys, and accept this in order to make themselves seem less pathetically needy. If you choose to go, she will make you a lot of comments after, so you better think twice before you go.

9.You are very good in bed. If she choose to speak about this topic without you ask her, you don’t have to believe all she says. If she starts to compliment you about your sexual experience it doesn’t mean that she really believes that. Often a woman who cares about a man tell him all that she knows he wants to hear just to make him feel good about himself. So think about your girlfriend, your relationship, your sexual experience and see if you really deserve compliments on this topic.

10.Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. If you just make a mistake, or fail in bed, you might hear this lie from your girlfriend. She doesn’t want to show you how upset she is on you but in her mind thinks something else. I wouldn’t be too sure that your mistake is forgiven and I would worry in not making too many ” accidents” like these.

With all these presented, now will be more easy for you to know when your girlfriend is lying. As you see, what a woman says is not what she really thinks.
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1000 Questions for Couples

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1000 Questions for Couples: 1000 Questions To Really Get to Know Your Partner by Peter Halpin

Michael Webb is a best-selling relationships author who has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Oprah. He estimates that 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions, preferably before they married. Everyone has perceptions about the world around them, core values and priorities which are important to us. For two people to get along together at an intimate level, there must be compatibility where it counts. Far better to find this out before living together than to feel the pain of separation or divorce afterwards. Michael Webb has put together 1,000 of the most important questions couples should ask each other, in a 90 page e-book.

1000 Questions for Couples begins with these words:- “You are probably aware that in many countries of the world the bride and groom don’t really know each other before they get married. Well, that actually happens in every country. I’ve known men and women who “dated” for 6-12 months who were surprised at who the person they married really was….”

1000 Questions for Couples contains hundreds of fun “getting to know you” questions, but there are also important questions that most people don’t think of asking, but are absolutely necessary if you want a happy relationship. You want to know the thoughts, feelings and desires of the one you are with – what they are passionate about, what irritates them. You will then know how to give them much joy and happiness – and whether you are the person who can do it.

The questions are grouped into topics and cover areas such as “Personality, Feelings and Emotions” … “Favourites” … “Morals, Convictions and Beliefs” … “Friends and Family” … “Communication” … “Money” … “Sex” … “Vacations” … “Attractions” … “Hobbies and Entertainment” and many more. Some couples have found benefit from emailing the questions to each other, while others prefer to just sit and talk face to face.

1000 Questions for Couples is the perfect book for anyone interested in entering a romantic relationship, finding the right mate, asking themselves “have I found the right one?”, facing a marriage proposal, or just wanting to really know your partner.

All in all, an excellent book for anyone who wants to avoid any “surprises” and provide themselves a distinct advantage for achieving a long and happy intimate relationship. The book is well written, easy to follow and priced at under $US25. It comes with a number of bonuses which makes it good value.
To preview the book yourself, or get the free 33 question sample, visit the following link:
1000 Questions for Couples

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10,000,000 Couples Living Together

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10,000,000 Couples Living Together = 21st Century Reality! by

It’s time to take a serious and non-judgmental look at helping cohabitating couples improve the fitness of their relationships.

The world of committed couples is rapidly changing. In your grandparent’s time, few couples lived together without virtue of marriage. By the 21st century, more than 10 million couples, nationwide, are making live-in arrangements commonplace. By their sheer numbers, such pairs need specialized advice on keeping their relationships happy, healthy and fulfilling.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you can answer “Yes” to at least one of these questions:

* Are you now living together, with your significant other?

* Are you thinking about moving in together?

* Is your live-in relationship getting rocky, or not as joyful as you had hoped?

* Do you know someone who needs help with a live-in relationship?

* Are you wondering about the reasons for and the risks of cohabitating?

* Do you want to strengthen your live-in relationship?

Since this is uncharted territory, when it comes to improving the fitness of a live-in relationship, couples need a clear, step-by-step method that is not touchy-feely, judgmental or complicated. Here is groundbreaking information, on key topics, for anyone involved in or interested in learning more about cohabitation:

Changing Views…

75% of high schoolers think cohabitation is worthwhile and harmless. And there has been little public opposition to cohabitation. It is now more widely-accepted than divorce or having a child out of wedlock. Nearly 50% of all children will spend some time in a cohabiting family before age 16. Not unlike previous generations, the majority of young people today want to marry and have children. However, unlike any past generation, most see living together as a logical “next step” before walking down the aisle, or as an alternative to ever marrying.

No More Cookie-Cutter Couples…

There are actually 20 types of Unmarried Couples in 4 categories from LOW to HIGH risk such as “Young & In-love”… “Pregnant & Pressured”… “Pre-wedding Convenience Seekers”… “Ring-less Biological Parents”… “Trial Marriage Practitioners”… and “Anti-marriage Advocates.” Are YOU one of these?

Business Strategies Save Relationships…

“Happily Unmarried: Living Together & Loving It” is the first book that shows you how to create a winning live-in relationship. Several “business strategies” work for any stage of your relationship, so couples can be happily un-married and less-stressed, with greater togetherness and fun. Couples learn about:

1. Finding a common vision for the relationship — before the shock that can happen after moving in together.

2. Writing measurable objectives — to define why the relationship exists and how to productively re-evaluate the relationship on a regular basis to either end it, constructively, or deepen it.

3. Developing and marketing a relationship “brand” — a “love logo” to head off the judgments and criticisms of friends and family before they start.

4. Merging “mindstyles” — to eliminate common battles like… how to spend the holidays, what to do with household possessions… or coping with children from other relationships.

5. Creating clear job descriptions — that pinpoint each partner’s chores around the house, preventing battles over simple things like who takes out the trash!

Dr. John Curtis is an organizational consultant, researcher, business trainer, media personality and author. His education includes a Masters in Counseling and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. HAPPILY UN-MARRIED: Living Together and Loving It! explains the meteoric rise in cohabitation and shows how to improve the fitness of the relationships of the millions of couples living together.
Go to http://www.cohabitating.org to find out more about the first-ever “Fitness Guide” for any live-in relationship and to receive a FREE Relationship Fitness Booklet. Contact John directly at 828-246-0459 or jcurtis@iodinc.com

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com/Article/10-000-000-Couples-Living-Together-21st-Century-Reality/310207

Online Dating On The Internet

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What makes online dating so popular on the Internet

love, dating, online dating, on line dating


Using the Internet you can get in contact with millions of people. This can be fantastic when you want to make new friends, but this can be also the bane for online dating .

You may think that the Internet will let you anonymously know anything that you want to ask to your potential date. You can ask him about his preferences, likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc. and as you can discuss all these matters on a one to one basis, you can actually know all that you need to know about your partner before you meet him in the real life. It really sounds great!

But if you like to chat on the Internet, you already know that this unlimited communication possibilities also leave a big space for guile, and on the Internet you can find not only liars, but also vile people that are looking for victims.

But don’t worry, just keep on reading and I will help you strike gold without risk.

The reason why online dating is so popular are the same that made the Internet so popular, and they are:

* The speed

* The privacy

* The economy

Can you imagine depending on the postal system to know people? You would have to write a letter, take it to the post office, and wait for days or weeks until you receive the answer to start all again.

With the Internet the time that takes between sending an email and receiving the answer can be a matter of minutes, and if you are chatting it happens on the same moment.

The Internet can’t make it easier for you. You can have absolute privacy, being absolutely sure that no one is going to know you unless you let them, and no one is going to hear what you say to your loved one.

But if you want, you can not only write and talk on line, but also use a web cam to see your potential partner before meeting him (and still remain anonymous)


The cost of sending an email or talking on the Internet?

All that you need is to have a PC with access to the Internet and you already have one because you are reading this article.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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